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Project Category: Web Development


Melbourne Caravan Detailing

Enhancing Melbourne Caravan Detailing: From Web Design to Branding Solutions At Hedexo, our collaboration with Melbourne Caravan Detailing encompassed a holistic transformation. We not only crafted an engaging website to showcase their services but also tailored their branding through custom clothing…

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big grey

Civil Painting

Highlighting Our Completed Projects at Civil Painting At Hedexo, we had the privilege of crafting a dynamic website that beautifully showcases the strengths of Civil Painting. Through strategic design and SEO-friendly copywriting, we’ve not only captured the essence of their exceptional…

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oksold websites

OKSOLD – Real estate

OKSOLD Real Estate: Clean and Minimalistic Website Design “OKSOLD – Is a real-estate company located in Queensland with specialized services to make your real estate journey seamless and rewarding.” Our goal was to develop a website that would embody the OKSOLD…

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loz marketing

LOZ Marketing

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Be Spoke Landscaping

Showcasing Landscaping Excellence: Be Spoke Landscaping’s Minimalistic Website In our endeavor to build Be Spoke Landscaping’s website, our primary objective was to create a lightweight and fast-loading platform. Understanding their desire for minimalism, we presented various design concepts and they ultimately…

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Property Market Group

Property Market Group Our goal was to develop a website that would embody Property Market Group’s excellence in the real estate market. We aimed to design a minimalistic website that not only showcased properties but also provided convenient filters for users…

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Ferguson Electrical Solutions

An Electrifying Website: Powering Ferguson Electrical Solutions’ Online Presence Ferguson Electrical Solutions is an esteemed electrical business located in NSW, offering exceptional services for over 20 years. With a remarkable 5-star service review, the company has garnered a reputation for excellence…

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Bourne Media

Bourne Media’s Mobile-Friendly Dark-themed Website by Hedexo Our objective for Bourne Media’s website was to create a captivating dark-themed design that not only maintained mobile-friendliness but also instantly grabbed the viewers’ attention. They sought a website that prominently showcased their business…

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